Hilda and Fred

Frederick Ahern and Hilda Ellen Golding

Hilda and Fred

Fred and Hilda married in Rockhampton on the 4th January 1930. They had 11 children:

James William (Bill), Frederick, Gordon, Hilda Ellen, Caroline, Joseph, Mary Dorothy (Dot),  Ronald,  Clarence, John and Josephine (Mary).

Fred and Hilda raised their children in Emu Park during the Depression – Fred was a very capable man. He caught fish and possums to feed his family. He was good to the American soldiers who camped in Emu Park during WWII. He became good friends with Howard Latham (I’m not sure of his rank, but he was the head of the US soldiers in Emu Park). Fred worked as a railway ganger. His sons, Fred and Bill, became railway drivers.

Hilda’s parents were Richard Golding and Margaret McPhie.  Richard was born in Suffolk, England in 1864. He came out to Australia with two of his brothers. Richard married Margaret in Charleville, QLD. Margaret was 14 years younger than him. Apparently, Richard had a sheep station in the area with his brother Herbert, but because of a bad drought, the farm couldn’t support both brothers’ families. Richard and Margaret and their children moved to Rockhampton in 1912. They had 8 children:

Isabel Margaret, Thomas McPhie, Dorothy Mary, Edith Jean, Marjorie Robinson, Hilda Ellen, Richard Eshor and Reginald Lawrence.

Richard had a shop in Emu Park in the mid 1920s but then became an orderman for a big grocery store in Rockhampton. He retired, age 60, to Emu Park.

The land where Ahern St is now was once a Chinaman’s garden. He sold the land to Fred Ahern because he wanted to return to China. The family house was built there but was destroyed in a cyclone in the 1940s. Fred re-built and later split the land up amongst the children.

Richard Golding lived on what is now Golding street. Fred’s son Fred still lives at Oak street which lies between the two streets named for his grandfathers: Ahern St and Golding St.

See a copy of Hilda and Fred’s family tree.

Hilda and Fred and their children at Emu Park

Hilda and Fred and their children at Emu Park


10 responses to “Hilda and Fred

  1. josephine wheeler

    why is my grandad John ahern not on the Hilda and Fred family tree?

  2. josephine wheeler

    and also Aunty Mary is not on the Family tree

  3. hi I seem to have some information on these families as some of this family stems to homes and sweetman ancestry. just wondering if anyone has any information on those families please.

  4. I am in London, England, Golding are connected to a Huguenot Tree I am compiling (BERTHON). I am finding info on the 3 Golding brothers that emigrated to Australia hard to come by, I would welcome news of their descendants and lives.

    • Hi Clif

      It would be great to share some info with you. Richard, Francis and Herbert all migrated to Australia together. The story was their father gave them each some money and told them to emigrate. They settled near Blackall in western Queensland and bought a property together. It wasn’t viable financially to support all three brothers so they agreed that just one could stay on the farm, and Herbert took it over. He later died on the property when his horse threw him off. Richard, my great-great-grandfather moved to Charleville then to Emu Park where he ran a grocery store. He married Margaret McPhie and had five daughters and three sons.

      I have a lot more information, mostly about Richard, but also some on his brothers. I have some newspaper articles about them too. I’ll gather them together and email them to you.

  5. My Tree, as it progress’s is on Rootsweb World Connect, “BERTHON from Chatellerault, Poitou”You can trace the Golding’ s back and slightly beyond Thomas Berthon Abt 1500. ….leaving to go out will reply more later. – Clif ( London)

  6. There is some Australian Golding info on the Geni website. I have exchanged e-mails with the chap, Ross Kelly, I sent him this page.
    I For Richard Golding I have 8 children with most Birth / Death dates.
    I just have Francis Unmarried – no children
    Herbert I have Married to Constance Catherine Mary Imelda Caldwell with three children, Ross Kelly mentioned above, its his wife who is descended from Angel Eveline Golding. He said he had a Hedlefs Tree on Ancestry, but without a subscription, I cannot access it.
    This may be of interest
    From the Peerage.com. website
    Reverend John Exshaw was born in 1797. He was the son of Rt. Hon. John Exshaw and Thomasine Haffield.,1 He married Eleanor Fawcett Lynar, daughter of Reverend William Lynar Fawcett and Grace Mills, on 9 August 1819.. They had 13 children. He died on 26 May 1882.1
    He graduated from Trinity College, Dublin University, Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland, in 1817 with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)1 He graduated from Trinity College, Dublin University, Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland, in 1839 with a Master of Arts (M.A.)1 He was The Rector between 1850 and 1874 at Kinnitty, County Offaly, Ireland

    – Clif Knight (London)

    • Hi Clif
      I’ll have a look at your Rootsweb tree. I’ve also got a tree on Ancestry. Ill compare and see what else we can share. Do you have much information on the Vautiers?

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